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The next step in

Mail Receiving and Forwarding

Global Mail Forwarding (GMF) represents the next generation of mail receiving services.

First, there was the Post Office offering to rent P. O. Boxes. This provided a safe secure place for someone to receive their U. S. mail. It was held at the post office while you were out of town. You could even have a friend pick-up your mail and re-mail to you.

Next, about 20 years ago private companies such as Mail Boxes Etc., PakMail and others came on the scene and offered private mail boxes for rent. In addition to receiving all your regular mail, they could also receive packages from UPS, FedEx, DHL, couriers and others. Also, you could call to check your mail and make arrangements to forward it to you.

Global Mail Forwarding is the next step in mail receiving. It combines all the features of a post office box and a private mail box while adding a higher level of ease and control over your mail.

With a mailbox at Global Mail Forwarding, all plans include E-mail notification when mail or packages are received. Quite simply, every day you receive first class mail or packages, we send you a quick e-mail telling you who you have first class mail and packages from. From that point on, you tell us what to do. You can e-mail back (or call), at your convenience, with instructions. We'll hold the mail, forward it or destroy the bulk mail or whatever, it's your decision.

With a mailbox at Global Mail Forwarding, you'll know what mail you have received almost as quick as if you were home waiting on your doorstep for the postman to arrive. We know you're busy. With a mailbox at Global Mail Forwarding (GMF), you'll have one less thing to worry about.


Sign up today! Basic plans start at $54.00 for 3 months (plus forwarding fees).


Handling your mailing needs has never been easier with Global Mail Forwarding on your side.