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Change of Address Info

The US Post Office has a change of address system which you can use to forward your mail to your new address at Global Mail Forwarding. You can get the Change of Address online form here. There are some advantages and disadvantages with using their system which you should know about.

Quick and easy.
Not much to do except fill out the form.
Only temporary - good up to one year
Mail is re-directed, so it may add on the total delivery time between when the mail is sent and when it is ultimately received at GMF.
It expires after one year, so anything sent to the old address after that gets returned to the sender.
Putting in a change of address form will redirect ALL the mail going from the old address to the new address. You may only want some of the mail directed to the new address. You can't do this with the Change-of-Address system.

It's important that you know the limitations of the Change-of-address system. We strongly recommend that you notify each person sending you mail directly. If you do use the change-of-address systems, please consider it a 'temporary' solution, with 'notify each individual directly' being the safer long term solution.

One other note about the Change of Address system - the Post Office considers our type of address a temporary address and groups it with other types of temporary addresses such as college dorms and hotel rooms. As a result, the Post Office does not honor a Change-of-Address form from mail receiving agencies like us when you want to cancel your service with us and get your mail forwarded to your new permanent address. In this case you would need to notify each individual of your new address. We are not pleased that the Post Office doesn't honor Change-of-Address forms from mail receiving agencies (They do for their own Post Office Box customers), but we will make every reasonable effort to help while you transfer your mail to your new address, including receiving your mail for up to one month after you cancel, with no receiving fees (We would need to charge for forwarding, if that is needed).