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How to Contact Us


Web. You can either e-mail us directly at mailaccounts@globalmailforwarding.net or click here for the contact form from our old web site.

Phone. 978-774-6663 or fax 978-774-6665.

Physically - drop by our center at.......

Global Mail Forwarding
c/o North Shore Pack & Ship
301 Newbury Street (Danvers Plaza)
Danvers MA 01923


Some other ways you can contact us but they may not be as effective:

Smoke signals


German Sheppard rescue dog with note tucked in with the small cask of whiskey around his neck. (If the whiskey is gone - well, we don't know anything about that!)

Note in a bottle

You get the idea - the first 3 ways are the best for getting in touch with us, the last 4, not so good.


We are located here:

(We are located in the Danvers Plaza which lies just north of Route 62 and between US Route 1 and Interstate 95. Zoom in 1 level on this map and you should see us (Near Hathorne). Conifer Hill road loops behind our plaza)

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