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Custom Mailbox Service Plans

Sometimes a customer has a special situation that needs a customized mailing plan. The three basic mailing plans we offer are appropriate for the needs of the vast majority of our customers, but when a customer needs an individualized plan, we will strive to create a plan that compliments their mailing needs. To that end, we have put together these sample custom plans to help guide you in terms of general fee structure and features to use as a starting point for putting a custom plan together. We will work with you to create a value added plan that is fair to you (and us) to help handle your mail processing needs.

1. Month to Month plan. Set-up fee - $10.00. Per month receiving fee $25.00. Forwarding fees - same as for regular plans. E-mail notification - same as for regular plans.

This plan is designed for temporary needs. A good example would be for creating a return address for a help-wanted advertisement or any kind of temporary address to gather responses for an event like a seminar.

2. Dormant mailbox (infrequent use). No set-up fee. Yearly mail receiving fee of $99.00 (less than 1/2 of the normal fee). Forwarding fees - free for mail, normal forwarding fees for packages. E-mail notification- same as regular plans. Limit to 6 mail pieces/packages per year. Renews automatically on card until cancelled.

This plan is designed for people who need to maintain an address for an on-going long term basis but will be receiving very little mail. One scenario where this could apply is for a single mother wanting to maintain an address for the father to contact the mother or child (for birthdays and Christmas) but the mother isn't comfortable revealing their actual home address. Perhaps siblings that have fallen out of touch need an address to re-connect.

3. Large Volume of Mail Received. No set-up fees. Mail receiving fees based on volume. Forwarding fees - same as normal. E-mail notification - subject to quote, may be 'batched' (ie x 'orders' or y 'checks' ).

A company running a large promotion with a high expected response is one situation where this plan may be appropriate