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Features and Benefits

Renting a private mailbox from Global Mail Forwarding gives you the opportunity to enjoy many features and benefits. Two of the most important features are:

E-mail notification when mail and packages are received - get same day close-to-real-time updates when items have arrived for you.
World Class Forwarding Services - Customized forwarding lets you have complete control over when your mail is sent, how quick it is sent and even which types of mail are sent. It's up to you, you make the rules.

In addition to these two major features, there are many other things about using a mailbox at GMF that are quite useful. Other features include:

Save time and money - By streamlining the mail notification process, you'll spend less time dealing with your mail.
Private and Confidential - All personal information about boxholders is held is strict confidence. Except where we are legally required to reveal information, we consider our client's privacy of utmost importance.
Professional Service - We strive to be very attentive to your needs. We are much more about 'getting it done' when you have a special request, rather than a whole bunch of arbitrary rules why we can't do something. We never forget that you're the customer.
Secure - Your mail and packages are safe and secure while in our possession. We use great care in safeguarding your items and have systems in place so your items don't get mixed up with other boxholders. We also carry bailees insurance which insures your items while they are in our care and custody against the unforeseen such as fire, flood and natural disasters.
Fair and competitive pricing - We strive to charge prices that are fair for you and also for us. If we price things fairly for both sides, then ideally, you will see value in our service and use us for a long time, and we be able to run a healthy sustainable business that affords a reasonable return on investment. With that being said, we try to simplify our pricing as much as possible and not use some complicated per-piece pricing system like some of our competitors.
Focused on Mailing Services - Simply put, our main business is the mail and shipping. We don't try to push other services that some of our competitors do, like bill paying or fingerprinting or buying stuff on E-bay for you. We try to do one thing and do that one thing very well.

Our Goal:

Serve you in the short term, so you're with us for the long term.