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GMF Customer Profiles

The following list are some made up situations that help explain where and when our mailing servcies are helpful. Remember, all these scenarios are fictional. Any resemblence to actual people or events is purely coincidental. (I got that last sentence from Law and Order).

Case 1. Malcolm F., 54, recently cashed in his chips and took an early retirement from his career on Wall Street. He bought a 47-foot sailboat and plans to sail to the Bahamas for the winter. He can access his e-mail thru his laptop and some high tech gadget that uses a satellite, but he can't get his mail on the high seas. He uses GMF to get his mail in one place, and get e-mails telling what mail he has. He's in different ports every 2 weeks or so, and e-mails ahead to GMF with instructions to FedEx his mail to the next port.

Case 2. Lu and Joan, 59 and 55 are semi-retired and work about 30 weeks a year. They operate concession stands and travel around the Atlantic coast setting up shop at various county and state fairs. Also, they spend 2 months in the winter on vacation in Florida. They use a mail receiving and forwarding service to get all their mail at one place. They generally have all their 1st class mail forwarded to them on Fridays to wherever they may be. Occasionally they'll call and change a ship to address last minute - no problem. Also - they sometimes receive mail for their daughters at their box, since they know it will be safe and sound.

Case 3. Jeremy R., 36 just landed a really nice gig. He's a classical musician (french horn) struggling to break into the top tier. He won a big audition and got hired for a year long engagement with the Miss Saigon tour. Two weeks in one city, then two weeks in the next. He's living in hotels and short term housing with other members of the tour. He pays most of his bills online with his laptop but keeps an ongoing permanent address at Global Mail Forwarding. We update him via e-mail when he gets mail, which isn't often but when he does get mail, it's usually something important like Motor Vehicle Registration, Tax items or Voter information. A few times (with his written permission ahead of time) he has asked us to open his mail to check the contents. A mail at GMF helps him worry less about bills and concentrate on playing.

Case 4. Liz and Richard are retired and enjoy summers in Canada, winters in South Carolina and a couple of months in between in the local Danvers area. They get all their mail delivered to Global Mail Forwarding and get the first class mail forwarded every Friday to wherever they happen to be. Every few months or so, we get a call from them saying where they'll be going and to forward to the new address. They've be doing this for years, so the forwarding works like clockwork.

Case 5. Jean-Marc has roots in the New England area but for the past several years has made his home in Switzerland. He finds it's easier to maintain a US address and have his mail forwarded on a regular basis. Jean-Marc is a bit a techie and often finds himself buying some new gadget online. It's common that the company he buys from doesn't ship internationally so he has the items shipped to his USA address. Occasionally, he'll have GMF re-package several items (along with his mail) into one package to save on the shipping and forward it all to Switzerland. Sometimes he has us ship via UPS or FedEx because it needs insurance, tracking and is time-sensitive.


As you can see, the services of Global Mail Forwarding make life easier in many different scenarios. Can we make things a little easier for you?