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Here's How It Works

Once you sign up, using the mailing services at Global Mail Forwarding is easy and straightforward. Our goal is to make the service so convenient and useful that you'll wonder how you got by before GMF. Here are the steps to start enjoying the benefits of GMF:

1). After completing all the paperwork, and getting your new mailing address, start to notify anyone who may send you mail and give them your new address. (Format for addressing mail) The most efficient way is to contact each person individually or send a 'new address' note when you correspond with them. You can also submit a Change-of-Address form with the U. S. Post Office (for US customers), but there are some drawbacks with using the Change of Address system. (More info on US Postal Service Change of Address forms)

2). We receive your mail here at our center in Danvers MA, sort it, and contact you via either e-mail (or even phone if you prefer) with details about the mail.

3). We process each piece of mail according to your instructions. You're in complete control of the mail. We can either forward, hold, or destroy all the mail or any combination. Some sample instructions might be:

-Forward 1st Class mail, toss junk mail, only forward magazines once a month (to save shipping charges)
-Consolidate Box A and Box B with all mail and forward as one large package
-Forward Box X to address A, and forward Box Y to address B
-Only e-mail when mail from X comes in , then forward all mail.
-I'll be in Los Angeles on Friday the 3rd for 2 weeks. Forward my mail so it arrives shortly after I do.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to set up the forwarding (or change it at any time). Being as flexible as we can to your mailing needs is how we add value.