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Rates and Plans

There are two main categories of fees incurred with our mailing service: Mailbox Rental Fees and Mail Forwarding Fees.

Mailbox Rental Fees

3 months
6 Months
12 Months
Small (Personal)
Medium (Business)
Large (Corporate)





All mailbox rental plans include mail and package receiving from the U. S. Post Office (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx) and other couriers like DHL. Additionally, E-Mail notification is included in all plans. Mailboxes are rented out in 3, 6 or 12 month increments. Special month-to-month rentals are available but are more expensive. We find that almost all customers are better served with the quarterly plans.

The mailbox size is generally determined by the amount of mail pieces and/or packages one receives on average per month. While we don't use any specific volume figures to determine the box size we assign, for the most part the small box is fine for individuals, small businesses (even if they're just starting out) are usually assigned a medium size box, and larger volume clients are usually assigned a large box. With that being said, you may choose any size that you think is appropriate, but we do reserve the right to switch you to a larger box (with a new box number and therefore new address) if the volume of mail consistently outpaces the box size. Some businesses may use us just for bank statements or other low volume needs. In this case, a small box is fine.

On rare occasions, a customer may need a special mailing service plan for some specific situations. A customer may need to rent a box on a month by month basis or only need mailing services on a very, very infrequent basis but needs an ongoing mailing address or expects a very large volume of mail perhaps from a business conducting an advertising campaign. If you have an unusual mailing situation, please contact us directly. We are more than willing to put together a custom quote to economically meet your mailing needs. We have put together a rate schedule to give you a 'ballpark' idea what the fees would be for some of these Custom Plans.

Mail Forwarding Fees

The mail forwarding fees consist of the 3 items: The shipping charge, the packing charge and a $2.00 service fee per forwarding.

The shipping charge is based on how much the package weighs, where is it going, what carrier is used, and how quick will it be delivered. Therefore the shipping charges could vary widely depending on your particular needs. The following Sample Forwarding Charges page will give you some idea of what to expect for shipping charges. The most common scenario is for us to bundle between 3 and 8 pieces of 1st class mail and re-mail them 1st class mail within the USA. In this case the shipping would be about $2.00 or $3.00, packing materials would be maybe $.50 and the service fee would be $2.00 for a total around $5.00 per forwarding. Another common scenario would be to send a flat rate Priority Envelope (we charge $6.95) plus the forwarding fee of $2.00 for a total of $8.95. We can usually get upwards to 2 lbs. of stuff in one of these envelopes.

We strive to keep the fees we charge simple and straightforward. No complicated fee structures like some of our competitors who charge for every little thing. We keep the fees simple so you will have a reasonable idea of what to expect month to month. Of course, if an unusual shipment is pending you can always have us let you know the shipping before it leaves our center.