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Signing Up

There are 3 straightforward steps for signing up for mail service with Global Mail Forwarding.

1. Download and fill out the necessary forms. There are 3 forms needed to signup for mail service: The Mailbox Agreement, USPS Form 1583, and the Payment Authorization Form.

Mailbox Agreement - This is our overall standard contract with you. Please read it and contact us with any questions or clarifications.
USPS Form 1583 - This form informs the Post Office that we are acting as your agent to receive mail on your behalf.
Payment Authorization Form - This forms records your payment information for both the mailbox services and forwarding fees.

(Please note - As of 9-01-09, we do not as yet have the Mailbox Agreement and Payment Authorization Form online for download. As a short term solution, please call us at 978-774-6663 and we will either fax or mail a set of forms to you)

2. Notarize the completed forms and copies of your identification. Have the completed forms and two color photo copies of ID's notarized by a notary public. This step is very critical and necessary. We cannot and will not start mail service for anyone until we have received the original notarized forms which prove the identity of the person applying for the mailbox. This important step goes a very long way towards preventing mail fraud. While the very vast majority of our clients use our services for legitimate purposes, a very few will try to falsify identification information as part of larger illegitimate plans for misusing the mail service. By being strict during the sign-up process and requiring notarized copies of identification, we discourage people who are up to no good. This helps keep the mails safe for everyone. Mail the original notarized forms and notarized copy of id's and payment info to us.

3. Mail the completed forms to us. When we receive the completed forms, we will set-up your new account, assign a mailbox number, verify your e-mail address, set-up the initial forwarding account and contact you when everything is in place to start using your new mailbox.