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Who uses Mail Forwarding

GMF Customer Profile Page


The list of people that may need our services is actually much more extensive than one might think. There are dozens, perhaps even hundreds of scenarios in which having a mail receiving and forwarding service would be helpful and worthwhile. Some of the groups of people who could use our service are:

International business travelers
Retirees touring the land
Recreational vehicle owners (RVers)
Musicians and Performers
International men (or women!) of mystery
Businesses looking to establish a Massachusetts office
Businesses or people needing a Massachusetts address for tax or vehicle registration purposes
People looking to maintain a confidential address while not revealing their actual address
Businesses looking to set up a US office possibly for tax reasons
Circus folk, or anyone connected to a traveling show
Long-haul Truckers
Peace Corps Volunteers and others on extended overseas assignments
University students and professors pursuing extended overseas studies
Military personnel stationed overseas
Businesses needing an address for a 'blind' help wanted ad
Ticket agents & resellers needing to maintain a Massachusetts address

As you can see, the list gets long pretty quick.

The GMF Customer Profile Page we've put together shows some sample scenarios where using a mail receiving and forwarding service adds real value. Perhaps your situation is comparable.