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Your New Address!


The address for mail addressed to you at Global Mail Forwarding should follow these examples:

For Business Use:

Your Company Name
301 Newbury Street, PMB #***
Danvers MA 01923 USA

or for Personal Use:

Your Name
301 Newbury Street, PMB #***
Danvers MA 01923 USA

Some notes about addressing:

We will assign a box number to you. You should always use it, but if we should receive mail without a box number, we can usually figure out the correct box.
PMB stands for Private Mail Box (similar to PO Box for Post Office box). You can use PMB or just the number sign (ie. 301 Newbury St., PMB #*** or just 301 Newbury St., #***).
Don't use PO Box or other designations like Apt., Suite or Department. The Post office frowns on these and has the right to classify mail addressed in this manner as 'Undeliverable as addressed' and refuse to deliver it.
The address doesn't need to mention Global Mail Forwarding or North Shore Pack & Ship.
Also, we can not accept mail addressed to another person at your mailbox (except family members with the same last name) without a completed PS Form 1583 physically on file from that person.